“NYC” ft. Ray West

This episode, I’ve put together a playlist of hip-hop tracks from artists in and around the city of New York, complete with an interview with Bronx native, Ray West about his album with O.C., “Ray’s Cafe”.   Ray and I picked some songs from the album discussed the inspiration behind them and the album.

It’s a dope album, make sure you get a copy over at FatBeats or Amazon!

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“Darkness” ft. Johaz of Dag Savage

This week JMack brings an hour of some great indie music inspired by daylight savings time and the extra dark hours we get during the day as a result.  This week JMack also had an interview with Johaz of Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) about their recent album “E&J”.

Purchase Dag Savage – E&J on FatBeats or Amazon

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“Authentic” ft. The Regiment

This week JMack invited special guests The Regiment (Osi and Ise) from Detroit to talk about their album “Live From the Coney Island”.  We sampled a few songs and talked about the album.

Download Live From the Coney Island via BandCamp!

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